5 Ways To Make Geocoding Easy

5 Ways to Make Geocoding Easy

Geocoding, you know, the process of lining up addresses with their real World locations on the map. There’s always been a strong demand from map makers for efficient tools to help make their job easier and now with the advancement of the OpenData movement, there’s even more data out there that needs to be worked up and geocoded in order to make it useful. So, how to make geocoding easy?

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Friday Map Tips – Maps That Keep BC Safe In Winter

Friday Map Tips – Maps That Keep BC Safe in Winter

With the winter weather blowing in and busy holiday travel season just around the corner it really is a great time to revisit the maps and web map services that are available to us all in order to inform us and help keep us safe. Here in BC  in the Pacific NW we were recently reminded of these services when winter winds blew up and caused traffic and transit headaches for many and resulted in lost power for countless others. Winter for us means rain, lots of rain, as well as wind and at times plenty of snow.

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Celebrating Geography Awareness Week And GIS Day

Celebrating Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day

November is here (where did that summer go???) and with the change in weather, the bare trees, the transition into another holiday season also comes the annual reminder of the importance of Geography, maps, GIS and geography awareness. Naturally, we’re talking about Geography Awareness week and GIS Day – if only the media and mainstream would give this as much attention as National Donut Day! Given the fact that here at CloverPoint we take pride in delivering geographic and Geo-based solutions and services to our customers, this week is always circled on the calendar, particularly for the GeoGeeks in our office!

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5 Must Consider Professional Groups For Land Managers

5 Must Consider Professional Groups for Land Managers

Land managers, administrators and land management industry professionals need to stay connected with their peers and stay in the loop regarding opportunities for professional development. When it comes to networking groups and industry associations there’s no shortage of choices. We’ve identified 5 professional organizations that any land manager, whether from the private sector, industry, or government, should consider following and possibly joining.

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100 Years In Flanders Field Remembered In A Map Journal

100 Years in Flanders Field Remembered in a Map Journal

An interesting effort via the City of Guelph, Ontario for this Remembrance Day, November 11: an initiative to celebrate the 100th anniversary of John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Field. Of particular interest is the technology being used to share this story, the Esri Story Maps and Map Journal technology. An initiative of particular interest to GIS professionals is the 100 Years of In Flanders Fields Map Journal, which the City launched this past September. Developed by the City of Guelph’s Information Technology Services in partnership with Guelph Museums, the story map traces the history of McCrae’s life as well as the events that inspired the poem.

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GIS Data Collection Part 2 – Benefits Of A Mobile Data Capture Solution

GIS Data Collection Part 2 – Benefits of a Mobile Data Capture Solution

We first discussed making mobile GIS Data collection being easy in this first post which has turned out to be very popular here on the blog. So, why not keep the momentum rolling with a follow up? Recall we first looked at 5 mobile solutions available to support data capture in the field. These solutions are relatively easy to get up and running with and all offer benefits to the user, particularly those needed a solution to help load their spatial database with information. Let’s now look at some of the benefits of mobile data capture.

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Falling Back In Time And The Map Of Daylight Savings

Falling Back in Time and the Map of Daylight Savings

Maps play an important role in educating and informing us on topics of interest.  They provide a means of visualizing data and trends, however, they can also be somewhat confusing while at the same time be artistic and beautiful. With the turn of the calendar to November, many parts of the World have turned back the clock to commence the often contentious topic daylight savings time. You might be interest to know that Daylight Saving Time (DST) was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin to save fuel energy in 1784, and was revived by British builder William Willett in 1905. But it was the Germans who first implemented the DST, in April 1916 at the time of World War I. The US began to practice the concept of DST in 1918. (Soure: ChristianToday)

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A Need For Land Management – The Texas Wildfire Example

A Need for Land Management – The Texas Wildfire Example

Land is a precious resource and managing land and land use is a complex issue with many inter-related parts that must be taken into consideration. Challenges faced by land managers are similar regardless of where you are in the World. A recent article brought to light the topic of land management in Texas, interesting as one would initially think that if there’s anything in excess supply in Texas it would be land, after all, there’s LOADS of it!

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OpenData Drives Open511 To Open Road Event Data To Developers

OpenData Drives Open511 to Open Road Event Data to Developers

There’s no question that OpenData drives Innovation! On this topic, here’s an update on an interesting development in the OpenData space here in B.C, Canada as the BC Government has made more data available to developers and the general public. Billed as DriveBC Open511, this latest resource is an open API designed to share road event data for Provincially managed highways.  What this means is that developers and entrepreneurs can now leverage real-time road events data to build commercial apps and online services to inform travelers of potential travel delays – think opportunity!

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