Friday Map Tips – Mapping And Tracking Hurricane Joaquin

Friday Map Tips – Mapping and Tracking Hurricane Joaquin

With the fall hurricane season well under way, there’s much interest this week in North America over Hurricane Joaquin, a powerful, Category 4 storm bearing down on the US eastern seaboard. Monitoring storm activity and related information, alerts, resources is an important and potentially life saving activity for those that are living and working in the path of such a storm. So where does one turn?

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Q&A – CTO Neil Johnston On Developing For Google Project Tango

Q&A – CTO Neil Johnston on Developing for Google Project Tango

During the summer of 2015, the developer team from CloverPoint was invited to take part in a special Project Tango workshop and brainstorming session at the Googleplex. The event was held in order to bring together some of the techy, geeky, and brilliant minds that have been developing on Google’s Project Tango – Project Tango is a platform that uses computer vision to give devices the ability to understand their position relative to objects and the space around them. It’s just like how you use your eyes to find your way to a room, to know where in the room you are, and know where the floor, the walls, and objects around you are.  Our own Neil Johnston (CloverPoint CTO) shared some details of the event in a fun, Q&A over coffee.

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GIS And Asset Data Collection Made Easy With Mobile Technology

GIS and Asset Data Collection Made Easy With Mobile Technology

There’s no question that at the heart of any good information system, land or asset management tool, or a Government GIS is data. Data is indeed king, and in order to support “good”, efficient, decision making, analysis, and modelling it is necessary to have access to efficient data capture technology and tools. Luckily for land and asset managers there are many fine solutions available to help build and maintain a data catalog. Born out of the traditional GIS and mapping industry, here are just 5 of the fine mobile solutions available to support data capture in the field.

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Friday Map Tips –  US And Canada Names From American Indigenous Populations

Friday Map Tips – US and Canada Names From American Indigenous populations

An interesting study has found evidence that America and the Americas, once thought of the “New World”, may in fact owe naming recognition to the American Indigenous populations and not Amerigo Vespucci. Apparently Vespucci and Columbus were thought to have visited the part of modern Nicaragua we call the Miskito Coast, home of a Carib tribe of the same name. Oral tradition of the Natives named the mountain range behind the Miskito Coast “Amerrique”. It has also been pointed out that the first publication of “America” was a 1507 map by Martin Waldseemüller. These facts lend to the assertion that the Americas name thus came from South American Indians rather than from Amerigo Vespucci.

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Spatial Data, Wildlife Maps Drive Change To B.C. LNG Pipeline Route

Spatial Data, Wildlife Maps Drive Change to B.C. LNG Pipeline Route

The importance of electronic land and asset management can’t be understated. Case in point, recently, it was made known that the Squamish Nation had secured a “victory” or sorts when a major player in the North American energy sector amended their plans. Simply put, The Squamish Nation wildlife management area was cited as being the main reason for FortisBC to reroute their proposed LNG pipe. Indeed a fine example of how the power of having access to your spatial data can invoke change!

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Friday Map Tip – Remembering 9/11 And The World Trade Center

Friday Map Tip – Remembering 9/11 and the World Trade Center

  • September 11, 2015
  • News

Like many of you, our hearts go out to the people of New York and all the people, first responders, victims, and family of those that were affected in the tragic and cowardly events that shook the World 14 years ago today. Watching the city of New York rebound and come back stronger than ever has been an amazing experience, however, it is evident with the outpouring of compassion and thoughts that we’ve all seen online that we all remember and the victims of September 11, 2001 are always with us and in our thoughts.

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10 Reasons To Love The New, Larger, Thinner, Faster IPad Pro

10 Reasons to Love the new, larger, thinner, faster iPad Pro

Like many of you, we couldn’t help ourselves and had to kick back and view the live, Apple online event and the official launch of the latest iPad – The new Apple iPad Pro. Today (via live online event) Apple is pushing the limits even further (and setting the bar even higher) with what has been called the biggest iPad related news since the initial launch of the iPad! Here at CloverPoint we have a number of Apple iPad fans and users, and we also build software so staying up to speed with the latest hardware innovations is critical for our business. We also really love cool technology too!

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UAVs Photograph And Video Disaster Areas For CrowdSourced Damage Assessment

UAVs Photograph and Video Disaster Areas for CrowdSourced Damage Assessment

Here’s details of an interesting project that leveraged the power of the crowd (think community crowsource) to help test a project this past weekend (Sept 5). The idea is that unmanned aerial vehicles are used to photograph and video areas after disasters. A live feed is sent out to volunteers who tag damaged areas where the data is then used to create a heatmap which can then be used by humanitarian partners nearby. The company (QCRI), has already participated in several humanitarian data capture efforts, including most recently, a deployment in response to the Category 5 Cyclone in the Pacific that occurred  April 2015.

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